3 Australian Rubbish Facts You Probably Didn't Know

Efficiently dealing with and removing rubbish.

Rubbish wheelie bin put out for removalCreating rubbish is the one constant we can always count on in the world. Every human creates waste, much of which ends up in tips and landfills. Even families that recycle end up creating waste due to the fact that not all materials are recyclable. Most people do not consider what happens with rubbish after it is put into the bin, but there are several interesting things to know about rubbish that most people are not aware of. Here are the top three things that most people probably don’t know about rubbish. 

1. Energy saved from recycling soft drink cans
Many people do not realise the amount of energy saved by simply recycling soda or soft drink cans. Recycling just one aluminium can ends up saving as much energy as could be created by half of that can filled with petrol, not to mention reducing waste. Coca-Cola states that over 1.7 billion cans of Coke are sold every single day worldwide. If each of these cans was recycled it would save energy equivalent to what could be created by over 300 million litres of petrol. This is enough energy to drive across Australia over 230,000 times in a non-energy efficient vehicle. Talk about a road trip!

2. Wasted products (read the Wikipedia article here)
The 4.6 million people in Sydney do quite well with rubbish removal, but often the rubbish they are getting rid of includes products that have been wasted. Local Sydney rubbish removal workers like must see this on a daily basis, as the average household wasted $1,226 worth of goods in 2004. These are goods that were purchased but never put to any use. In Sydney alone there was over $2.5 billion worth of goods in 2004 that were discarded without ever being used. That rubbish consisted mostly of food that went to waste. It seems the whole “there are starving kids in Africa” talk that parents give their children at the dinner table doesn’t seem to be paying off. 

3. Plastic bags
Plastic bags make up one of the largest sectors of rubbish in Sydney. Australians alone use 3.92 billion plastic bags every year. These plastic bags are made up of non-renewable resources, but they can be recycled. It turns out that 8.7 plastic bags from markets have enough petroleum within them to power a car for one kilometre. Since Australians use 3.92 billion bags a year, this means the petrol in these bags could power a car for well over 450 million kilometres. This would be enough to power a car across the entire continent over one-hundred and twelve thousand times. No excuse to not visit the in-laws anymore. 

Rubbish removal is important in Australia. There are certain things that cannot be recycled, but all materials that can be should be. Rubbish removal Sydney local workers can take recyclables and make sure they are processed correctly, lowering the carbon footprint of Sydneysiders. These three rubbish facts (read more rubbish facts on this website) go to show that without citizens making an effort to recycle, Australia could become a very different place (for the worse) within a few short decades. 

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