4 Reasons You Might Want a Towbar Fitted To Your Vehicle

4WD truck towing boat trailer

Towbars are a lot like a spare tire or a dry book of matches; they are worth their weight in gold when they are needed. A quality towbar can help you avoid embarrassing and potentially dangerous situations that can arise, as well as increasing your options greatly when you are travelling. Some folks shy away from purchasing and having a tow bar installed on their vehicle in light of its supposed ugly appearance, but what really matters is getting you and your loved ones from point A to point B in a safe and efficient manner. Here are four very worthwhile reasons to consider having a tow-kit installed on your vehicle. 

1. To get out of trouble

Towbars are especially popular items in Australian east-coast cities (such as Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne), and they come in handy for a variety of reasons. As a result of the wet climate and the high content of moisture in the ground, many off road adventures are stalled by cars or trucks that become stuck in soft and wet surfaces. Having a tow bar in that situation can be the difference between a momentary delay in the festivities and a disappointing and immediate end to the day. If your vehicle has a tow-ball fitted to its chassis, you can operate it with the confidence and peace of mind of knowing that small situations will not turn into big, expensive problems. 

It's important that you get the right type of towbar installed, that is best suited to your requirements. To read more about the various types of towbars and accessories, you can visit

2. Hauling the goods for a family trip

Camper shells and trailers of various sizes will be able to easy link to your vehicle if you have the proper equipment installed. This will greatly increase you vacationing options, as your vehicle can easily be equipped with additional space in which you can put everything you will need for camping or any other outdoor holidays. When you arrive at your destination, a simple unhook of the hitch will allow you to leave your goods at the site while using the vehicle to explore the surrounding areas. 

3. Aquatic fun 

Large vehicles that are equipped with towbars are able to guide boats in and out of docks, and towbars Brisbane are especially useful given the large amount of coastline (and access to rivers) in the popular city (read more about Brisbane on Wikipedia). If you choose to install one on your 4WD, you can basically ensure that you will never be left out of the good times on the waves. Recreation on the water during the warm months is a feeling that everyone should get to enjoy, but sometimes only those with the proper tools and vessels will have unrestricted access to the fun. 

4. Make moving easier 

If you don't have a very large vehicle or the ability to tow a trailer behind it, then you are in a tough spot when it comes time to move the contents of your home or a large amount of clothing or furniture. In order to avoid the embarrassment and hassle of trying to round up your mates to help you with the task, or worse, fork over the cost of paying a professional moving company to do the task, look into purchasing and installing one of many high quality towbars.

Looking for professional towbar installation in Brisbane? I'd recommend you consider Speedy Towbar, otherwise you could simply run a Google search for 'towbars' in your area, or ask friends and family if they have any recommendations. All the best in your towing endeavours.


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